About Us

We're Community Trust, and we aren't your typical financial institution.

Community Trust is all about shedding new light on your situation, so you can see your options differently. Whether you're looking for a mortgage, a safe place for your savings, a loan or a registered investment account, our team members pride themselves in finding creative solutions.

Not only that, but we believe firmly in inclusion and equal opportunities for people from all walks of life. That means working hard to make sure our products and services are flexible, so you don't have to be.

You can just be...you. 

Quick Facts about Community Trust:

  • A flexible alternative to larger, more traditional financial institutions
  • A privately held Canadian financial institution since 1975
  • Regulated by the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI)

Community Matters

Our community matters to us. At times, ‘community’ consists of our closely-knit team of employees and partners, and at others it refers to our growing but intimate client base.

On an even larger scale, 'community' means our home in the GTA and our meaningful relationships with the people who, like, us, consider themselves to be part of something bigger. It means giving back by supporting charities; promoting financial literacy and product knowledge through public outreach and appearances, and actively seeking to be an effective member of our society at large. Here is a look at some of the ways we are making a difference in our community.

Leadership Team

Chris Humeniuk, President & CEO
Peter Zimmerman, Director, Compliance
Lisa Abbetangelo, VP, Mortgage Operations
Thom Henderson, Director, Commercial Mortgages 
Heidi Durrant, Director, Credit Risk Management 
Tara Rolston, Director, Commercial Funding
Tara Rolston, Director, Commercial Funding
Eric Larocque, Director, Marketing and Brand Management

Michael Favelyukis, VP, Finance and Administration
Sarim Farooqi, VP, Treasury and Securitization
Stuart Robertson, VP, Risk Management

Thom Henderson, Director, Commercial Mortgages
Robert Sgorlon, Director, Residential Mortgages
Jacquelyn Taylor, Director, Investment Services

Daniel Copeland, Director, Human Resources

Trust is deeply embedded in everything we do. It’s not only part of our name, it’s in our DNA. We understand that the trust our clients put in us must be earned. We rely upon, and put trust in each other, our suppliers, and our business partners. We stand behind our name – Community Trust. And, we strive to base all of our relationships on honesty, respect, fairness and a commitment to support each other.

Together as a team, we succeed. We value the contribution and expertise of our colleagues, and thrive on an entrepreneurial spirit that fosters creativity and innovation within our organization. We collaborate to achieve the best possible outcomes for the mutual benefit of our customers, brokers and all stakeholders. We share best practices and learn from each other. We keep an open mind and respect the diverse individual contributions of our fellow employees. We strive to have fun along the way and always take time to celebrate our successes.

We set the highest ethical and professional standards for ourselves, and administer our daily work and financial transactions in full compliance with all federal and provincial regulatory bodies. We take responsibility for our actions. We respect and are committed to our community roots, while at the same time, we look to the future, embracing change, diversity and growth.

Responsiveness is a measure of performance that we value internally and externally. We pride ourselves on listening to, and understanding the needs of our clients, shareholders, business partners, and other stakeholders, thereby delivering the most timely and effective response possible. We are also committed to supporting our fellow teammates with the quickest possible turnaround time, to support the success of their individual and team initiatives.

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